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In one of the houses have no heating Petersburg 0 Checked

17:27, 19.10.2011

"In this house there is no heating. Freezes the children! "A large poster with the words appeared in the Frunze district. Address: Street Kupchinskaya, 3 body 1. These ...

St. Petersburg, Kupchinskaya street 3, Building 1

Residents of houses 5 Tula freeze in their apartments 0 Checked

10:39, 17.10.2011

The heating season in Tula has officially launched on October 4. However, until now it was not warm at all apartments. Thus, the traditional "RAM" in the ...

Tula, ul.Marata

In the city of Kirov region Murashi stopped boiler 0 Checked

14:19, 13.10.2011

The ants put mode threat of an emergency. Eleventh October here stopped working boiler. LLC "Teploinvest +" justified ...

Kirov region, Murashi

Emergency mode is filmed in the area of Khabarovsk Krai flood victims 0 Checked

4:04, 01.07.2011

State of emergency in the area Lazo Khabarovsk Territory, where flooding podtopilo homes and farmland, filmed, told RIA Novosti on Friday, ...

Khabarovsk, Lazo district

Emergency mode due to high water introduced in the Khabarovsk Territory 0 Checked

13:56, 28.06.2011

Emergency Management of the Khabarovsk Territory, the Commission adopted a decision to introduce emergency mode in the district Lazo. Here flood flooded living ... nya casinon 2017 Managed Cloud Services

Khabarovsk, Lazo district

Flood washes away Kuban town Labinsk 1 Checked

15:43, 27.05.2011

Flooding that began a few days ago in the Kuban region, got to the small town of Labinsk, passed on Friday, 27 May, "BBC News". From the shores of the river came out ...

Krasnodar region, Labinsk

Due to the flood emergency declared warning 0 Checked

21:25, 26.05.2011

May 25 in the territory of Ust-Labinsk district declared an emergency warning due to the promotion of flood waves on the Elbe River. The area is expected to ...

Krasnodar region, Ust-Labinsk area

Kuban entered emergency mode 1 Checked

15:49, 25.05.2011

Due to the sharp rise in the water level in the river Hojo administration Mosty district of Krasnodar region declared a state of emergency on the territory of ...

Krasnodar Krai, Mosty district

Flood situation in Yakutia as of 09.00 0 Checked

12:00 19.05.2011

Floating of ice on the Lena River passes through two sections. main: The lower edge of an ice drift is around 50 km below the mouth of the river. Aldan (to the mouth. Lena 1390 km), ...


Scour the roads in Tver Region 0 Checked

11:56, 18.05.2011

Abundant spring floods this year brought a lot of harm to regional roads. So, on the road Class 3 Gorica - Panskovo in Kimry Tver region ...

Tver region, Kimry area Panskovo

Flooding in Dagestan 0 Checked

11:16, 13.05.2011

Relief Works affected by heavy rain, which took place in the Buinaksk district of Dagestan on May 7, according to local residents, ...

Daghestan, Buinaksk district, Atlanaul

The villagers began to leave their homes 0 Checked

1:47, 25.04.2011

Residents of several villages in the Novgorod region have been forced to flee their homes because of the flood. The water is rapidly arrives, flooded basements, and in some places ...

Novgorod region

Need help victims of the flood 0 Checked

13:25, 21.04.2011

Help nowhere to wait. Despite promises, many people affected by the flood in 2011, did not wait for a clear answer when help arrives. All ...

Orenburg region, Orenburg district, Mountain

Wanted volunteers and funds for the restoration of flooded areas Mirozhsky Monastery (Pskov) 0 Checked

13:41, 20.04.2011

Pilgrimage Center of the Pskov diocese "Vertograd" organizes group staff for cleaning flooded areas Mirozhsky monastery and painting walls. How...


at the beginning of the flood Chumysh 0 Checked

11:15, 20.04.2011

Water rushing. Chumysh have the eyeballs. During the day the water level rose very strongly, and sometimes heat a little ... if it goes on the podtopit already an adult.

Altay, river Chumysh

Village fire victims New Mokhovoe drowning in the waters of vernal 0 Checked

09:15 20.04.2011

The black bar in the life of the sufferers of the Moscow region, who lost their homes due to forest fires in the last year, did not end. In winter, it was found out that ...

Mokhov, Moscow region

Where to call when high water (Novgorod Region) 0 Checked

16:00 19.04.2011

In the event of a threat of flooding of homes, roads, settlements, and other important facilities, it should be reported by calling a single ...

Velikiy Novgorod

Need help (products, tools, building materials) affected by floods 0 Checked

23:27, 18.04.2011

Declares a fundraiser items and food for flood victims in with. Sladkova Ilek district of Orenburg region. On the collected funds ...

Orenburg region, Sladkova

Flooded path (Saratov region) 0 Checked

12:40, 18.04.2011

Due to flood more populated areas become impassable. So, in the Saratov region the damage from river flooding, according to preliminary estimates, will be ...

Saratov region, Davydovka

Flooded bridges Orenburg region 0 Checked

11:25, 18.04.2011

As of 18 April 0900 on the territory of the region meltwater flooded low water bridge 34 to 26 temporary settlements is not possible to ...

Orenburg region